Simplifying complex accounting

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Ready to do all your accounting inside Salesforce?


Simplifying complex accounting

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Ready to do all your accounting inside Salesforce?

Aedon.Accounting has
a Super Power

Aedon.Accounting uses the power of Salesforce, the global leader in CRM and the cloud.

Aedon.Accounting Simplifies Complex Accounting

Aedon.Accounting simplifies complex accounting; both on it’s own and especially when it’s integrated with other Salesforce applications such as Sales or Service Cloud.

The sophisticated reporting and unlimited analysis codes and budget types remove the need for complex Excel spreadsheets that are always out of date and never reconcile.

All kinds of boring, repetitive tasks can be automated with Salesforce flows which you create using clicks, not code!

Build automated approvals and payment notifications to eliminate tangled email chains and record a proper audit trail of responsibility. Create credit chasing escalations with as many variations and rules as you require.

Add in Sales and Service Cloud and the efficiency moves to another level. Instantly, you remove a great swathe of data redundancy, improving speed and accuracy.

Use Salesforce Apps from the App Exchange to extend the solutions easily with a single login across all the applications. Or, where necessary, integrate 3rd party apps using Aedon’s pre-built APIs and REST protocols.

Aedon.Accounting is Fast

A typical implementation of Aedon.Accounting can be completed within one VAT Quarter.

Aedon.Accounting is Easy

Users who’ve used other finance systems will find Aedon.Accounting very easy to use. The menu structure is obvious and all the screens have a common structure, so you quickly find the functionality you’re looking for without having to hunt.

Once you’ve set up the core master data; financial years, customers, suppliers, products, prices, etc. – you can start using Aedon.Accounting straight away.

We recommend that you combine user acceptance testing with training in sandbox, using your own data. This makes it more relevant and easy to relate to. Maintain that sandbox for the future, to allow training for new users and new features in the future.

When you need assistance, there’s an extensive knowledge base and a library of short ‘How to’ videos on our YouTube channel. If you find any gaps in the knowledge based, please contact us and we’ll fill them in.

Combining with Salesforce transforms Aedon.Accounting from a competent accounting system into an enterprise finance capability.

Aedon.Accounting is Safe

There are three levels of Aedon security: platform, individual and transactional.

The Salesforce platform is recognised as having industry-leading security standards.

It follows the two-hundred- and fifty-six-bit AES Advanced Encryption Standard and is GDPR Compliant to ISO twenty seven thousand and one, and twenty seven thousand and eighteen, as well as meeting independent security standards including AICPA, PCI and TRUSTe.

  • ISO27001
  • ISO 27018
  • PCI
  • TRUSTe

Individual security is controlled through Salesforce roles, permissions and profiles. These allow a tight tailoring of access to both data and functionality. Users can be controlled by company, by menu, and by individual menu feature.

There is a detailed audit history of every transaction: identifying who did what, when. Once an item has been posted, it cannot be deleted; there will always be a record of it.

Finally automated back-ups can be scheduled on a weekly or monthly basis.

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