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Aedon combines CRM and finance to drive down costs and increase revenues PLUS all the customisation that Salesforce enables. Learn more on our Salesforce AppExchange page.

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  • Accounting Solution native to Salesforce

    The team have worked tirelessly to understand what customers really need from a finance/accounting solution that works seamlessly on the Salesforce Platform. Aedon is built on Salesforce and so leverages all the awesome core functionality offered by the worlds #1CRM platform. Paul and his team really know “Accounting”, know Salesforce and speak your language.

    Geoff Young

  • They get Cloud Finance

    Aedon have always been knowledgeable, open and straightforward to deal with, and they really get the Salesforce eco-system and it’s transformative potential. Their approach to combining CRM and finance capabilities in a single system is revolutionary – one of our most valuable partnerships!

    Jyoti Hull-Jurkovic, CEO at Zentso

  • World Class Accounting solution seamlessly integrated with Salesforce

    Aedon is a reliable and powerful accounting solution for any business, thanks to its seamless integration with Salesforce, user-friendly interface, robust reporting features, and top-notch security measures.

    Daniel Ruthenberg, Account Director at Manras Technologies

  • Aedon.Accounting: Excellent Financial Management on Salesforce

    The end-to-end automation of Revenue Operations sets Aedon.Accounting apart, making it an invaluable asset for businesses seeking a robust financial management solution within the Salesforce ecosystem. Highly recommended for those aiming to maximize efficiency and profitability.

    Vladyslav Petrovych, CTO at Noltic

  • Complete Native Accounting Solution

    Having a complete accounting solution on the platform really opens up possibilities for deep integration with other parts of your Salesforce application. Automating the financial aspects of Salesforce processes can really reduce manual input and correction.

    Steve O’Connell, Founder at Kampango

  • Proud Aedon Implementation Partners!

    Aedon stands out as the go-to choice for those seeking a streamlined and efficient Finance/Accounting solution on Salesforce – we are very proud implementation partners.

    Tim Chisnall, Director at Cognition24

  • We really like the Aedon Accounting package

    It is what it claims: Fast, Right, Cheap & Easy, which is refreshing given the complexity of some of the alternatives. A great product choice!

    Ayesha Barton

  • Excellent Experience, and a great product.

    A great accounting product here for Salesforce with lots of integration options. The Aedon team have really gone the extra mile with some excellent features to make your life easier. They truly understand their product and how its going to be used by the customer.

    Chris Bell, CTO at Smarterpay

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