Aedon.Accounting is a Game Changer

Aedon.Accounting with Salesforce is a game-changer.

An easy-to-use financial package that provides advanced features that you simply can’t get from Xero or Quickbooks.

It is based on a simple truth that integrating your finance and CRM systems on Salesforce is efficient. All your data is in one place. There are no integrations. Dashboards deliver your reporting without complicated spreadsheets. Native Salesforce automates the mundane.

Implementation is quick – in one VAT quarter – and minimal training is required.

There are three versions: free forever, economy and business class. It is all backed up with a 12-month, no-argument, money back guarantee.

Fast, Right, Cheap, Easy

Aedon.Accounting is Fast to implement; Cheap to own; Works right out of the box and is Easy to configure.

Take Control

Manage your Opportunity to Cash all within Salesforce to give complete visibility of the process from end-to-end.

Improve Efficiency

A fully automated bank reconciliation reduces time on this key accounting control.

Customise Your Solution

10 Analysis Objects with unlimited analysis fields allows you to tailor your Management Information to your needs.

Empower Management

Bottom-Up reporting allows your managers to control their budgets and targets.

Connect Your Business

One single source of truth across the business removes information silos and speeds-up decision making.

Reasons we think you’ll love Aedon.Accounting

Automated Finance Processes

Credit Chasing (Dunning)

Not all customers are equal and some pay better than others, so why chase the good payers in the same way that you chase the bad? Salesforce Flows allow you to automate different sequences of emails to your customers, so that reminders can be sent before an invoice falls due, when it is due and then daily or weekly once it is delinquent for your bad payers. Your good payers might just need a gentle nudge if the invoice is slightly overdue. You decide.

Invoice Approvals

Create your own rules to approve Sales and Purchase Invoices and Orders using Salesforce Approvals. Set authority limits and holiday cover; record the approval narrative for future reference. Keep track of exactly where documents are in the approval process, so that nothing is misplaced.

Send Out Regular Reports and Dashboards Automatically

Scheduled reports and subscribed dashboards allow you to email essential Management Information across the information and the recipients do not need Salesforce licences. Exception reports are a particularly effective technique to get issues resolved quickly.

Bottom-Up Reporting

Micro-Manage Your Business

Aedon.Accounting allows you to create Bottom-Up reports on individual customers, suppliers, products and each of the 10 Analysis codes.

Combine Actual data with a relevant budget type to focus down on the particular management objective. Aedon.Accounting offers unlimited budget types to suit your different needs and provide greater management control.

Hawthorne Effect

Monitoring an individual changes what they do. Once managers know that their projects and budgets are being closely monitored, they will manage them more tightly. That’s the Hawthorne Effect!

Wizards for Complex Transactions

Scheduling Transactions

Recurring Invoices, Revenue Recognition and Recurring Manual Journals are all different types of scheduled transactions. It is much easier to create these schedules in one go than trying to remember their nuances in 12 months’ time.

Aedon.Accounting uses step-by-step Wizards to make the creation of these complex transactions straightforward with different scheduling patterns to deal with most scheduling combinations.

There is always a review step before the schedule is created to allow you to check that the sum of all the parts equals the answer you are seeking.

Fabulous Management Information

Easy-to-Build Reports & Dashboards

Salesforce reports and dashboards are very easy to build using the Ledger Entry object. There is no need for additional, expensive BI Tools – because they are free with Salesforce.

Dashboards include 3 filters and drill-down into the underlying data, so there is full transparency.

10 Analysis Codes

Each of the Analysis Codes can have 500 unique fields, so there are unlimited ways of analysing Management Information efficiently and easily.

User-Created Reports & Dashboards

There is no need to call IT when you want new Management Information. Users can create their own reports and dashboards for their specific responsibilities.

Multi-Company Reporting

Reports and Dashboards run across all the companies within an organisation, so that multi-company consolidation is simple.

Powerful Security

User Access

User Access can be controlled in great detail using the standard Salesforce roles permissions. The Financial Director can decide who sees what and what functions they are able to perform.

Robust Audit Trail

Once a Transaction is posted, it cannot be deleted; it can only be unposted. There is a full history of who carried out each operation and the ledger associated with it as well as strong links to the related items.

Automated Back-Up

Salesforce allows for a full back-up to be taken each week.

“Aedon is a reliable and powerful accounting solution for any business, thanks to its seamless integration with Salesforce, user-friendly interface, robust reporting features, and top-notch security measures.”

Daniel Ruthenberg, Account Director at Manras Technologies

Full Power of the Salesforce Platform

Aedon.Accounting is hosted on Salesforce allowing you to either connect your existing CRM directly with your accounting or upgrade to a true Cloud Finance Solution.

Multi-Company and Multi-Currency

Supports unlimited companies and currencies with cross company consolidation.

Revenue Recognition and Recurring Invoices

Aedon.Accounting offers easy-to-use wizards to guide you through complex processes.

Automated Bank Reconciliation

Bank transactions are fed five times per day to an automated bank reconciliation, including matching rules and payment of open invoices.

Complete Finance Package

Aedon.Accounting is a HMRC recognised accounting package, that you can get Free Forever reducing your costs and ensuring compliance.

Direct Debit & Payment Integration

Automated handling of direct debit payments and collections including failures.

Automated Processes & Approvals

Thanks to Salesforce’s powerful automation suite, we can empower your finance team by automating the mundane, daily, weekly, monthly tasks.

Native Reports & Dashboards

Reporting is Salesforce’s bread and butter, no more exporting your reports to Excel! View and create any report, chart, or graph within Aedon.Accounting.

Bottom-Up Reporting

This unique feature allows you to have a complete insight of your business at your fingertips, it allows precise reporting on Job Numbers, Products or any Analysis Code you want.

Some of the many reasons our users love Aedon.Accounting

  • Intuitive: Our users learn Aedon very quickly because the screens and menus are intuitive.

  • Seamless: All the Salesforce information is available through a single log-in and it is all connected-up.

  • Security: the audit trails are excellent, so that it is easy to follow through the history of a transaction

  • Systems Implementation Partners: There is a choice of partners to suit our industry needs to help with their implementation

  • 12 Month Warranty:  If it doesn’t work out, Aedon will give us our money back. That’s confidence.

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